Walking Safari

There is no better way to truly experience the forest than by walking through it. One will often see and learn more on 100m of a trail than on a 2-hour game drive. Exploring tiger-rich Jim Corbett National Park on foot is forbidden. However, as we are situated with in the Corbett Tiger Reserve and are a buffer zone to the national park, we offer expertly guided treks around Vanghat in an equally stunning and species-rich environment.

On foot, your senses are heightened in the wilderness, and will take in far more of your surroundings, from noticing lizards scuttle out of your path to the myriad of birdcalls and rustling in the undergrowth. Accompanied by a keen tracker, you will learn to identify species by their sounds, their footprints, and the evidence left in their wake, such as a tiger's scratch markings on trees, a wild boar's earthen excavations, or the aftermath of an elephant’s browsing on plant life. Compared to exploring in a 4x4, you may see fewer large mammals, but nothing quite tops the thrill of seeing wildlife on foot, and it is not unusual for safari-goers to find themselves sharing the landscape with deer, elephants, and occasionally, big cats.

There are a number of walking trails from the lodge, varying in difficulty, such as routes into the hills that surround us or along the river where numerous pug marks can often be seen. With new routes being added and the landscape changing with the seasons, no walk is ever the same; the unique draw of the forest can be strongly felt at Vanghat.

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