We at Vanghat work hard to ensure that our local tourism opportunities are harnessed to support local communities as well as wildlife.

To achieve this, we provide extensive training for our locally employed guides, all of whom hold a University degree in biology, tourism and similar areas and at least 6 years of experience as a naturalist guide in any of the protected forests of Uttarakhand.

We have also developed a range of homestay opportunities in local villages, and encourage our tourists to become involved in a range of complementary activities that showcase India’s rich cultural heritage, such as organic farming, yoga, cooking, introductory mahout courses, and of course conservation activities.

Schools & Universities

Vanghat caters to a specially tailored Educational program’s for schools and universities. These programs are for wildlife enthusiasts and adventure seekers alike.

  • Wilderness Survival

    The program is an opportunity to fight your fears and live & breathe in the wilderness of two unique landscapes- the buffer forest of the famous Corbett Tiger Reserve and the adjoining Kalagarh Tiger Reserve (both in Uttarakhand, India). You will experience the jungle, explore unexplored paths, and challenge yourself to survive in a novel terrain with limited resources.

Seeds & Feathers Workshop

We often have jewelry and trinkets designed by people we don’t know and made by machines we haven’t seen. We try to fit into the “beauty” imagined by strangers and described by the media and the market. As part of the program, we give you an opportunity to design and create your jewelry with your own hands!

Interns will be collecting seeds and feathers to observe them closely and identify the respective flora & fauna. These will be used in the workshop to create jewelry pieces. It is pure joy to pick your own “Jewels” from nature and design something that you would love to wear!

Love to Know

This program gives an opportunity to get to know the children at the local school and learn about the Indian education system and also engage in fun games and cultural enrichment activities with the Indian students.

Participate in group talks, share your apprehensions. Under the local issue & work together for a common purpose.


Conducted in the Himalayan foothill landscape of Uttarakhand (India), Vanghat’s Internship Program, is a unique opportunity for students to learn and work amidst different Himalayan species of mammals and birds. This program is also an unique opportunity for veterinary science students

Camera Trap & Forest Surveys

At the jungle camp you will learn about using camera traps equipped with infrared triggers or heat censors to obtain critical data about wildlife and their habitat. This includes setting up and checking camera traps, fixing malfunctioning cameras and learning to interpret the results. You will also get an insight into the different tiger conservation activities, wildlife management, and community focused initiatives undertaken in the program area.

Rustic Living

The internship requires putting in long hours of hard work while enduring all kinds of weather conditions, and living in rustic community-run village accommodations with no electricity, running water, or telephone, thus providing an authentic and unique experience of jungle living. Interns will be expected to assist in chores like fetching water from forest streams, helping the hosts with cooking, cleaning up, etc.


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