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From the nearest road, Vanghat is a 2km walk across a bridge and down the Ramganga valley, through a small village before the river needs to be crossed once more, this time on a bamboo raft. From here it is a short walk to the lodge itself. Average fitness is essential and ideally luggage should be light enough to be easily portable by our staff.

For those arriving into Indira Gandhi International Airport we can book a private pick up and transfer directly to Vanghat (a 300km drive), or via an overnight stay in Delhi or near Ramnagar, depending on the time of your flight's arrival.

For those arriving in there own vehicle, we have secure parking available at the point from which the journey to the lodge is begun on foot near Marchula. Driving from Delhi usually takes between 5 and 7 hours.

The nearest railway station to Vangat is Ramnagar. We can arrange for guests to be picked up from here and driven to Vanghat, which takes approximately 1 to 2 hours. Alternatively, we can book guests into accommodation near to Ramnagar before the onward journey to Vangat the following morning, depending on the train's arrival time. A train from Delhi usually takes between 5 and 6 hours.

For those unfamiliar with the public transport of India, it is a good idea to bring ear plugs and an eye mask if you are travelling overnight. We would also suggest wearing discreet and non-revealing clothing, particularly for women. A good sense of patience will also help! Please make sure you are contactable in case there is a delay.

The Lodge - Corbett Tiger Reserve
Marchula, Dist. Almora,
Uttarakhand 244715, India

Registered Office
Elephant Plough, Village Gabua Khass,
Uttarakhand 244715, India

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For Bookings, Reservations and Wildlife Specific Queries,
Contact: Sumantha Ghosh
Phone No: +91 9719243939 & +91 9761166777
Email: &


Vanghat website has been designed to showcase an outstanding wilderness experience.

We take pride in our low carbon footprint-based stays and activities. Run by a dedicated team of professional locals, you will find all the activities, treks and excursion mentioned on the website to be guided by experienced naturalists.

In case you need to tailor-make a trip that is not mention on the website, kindly connect with us by using the form bellow.

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We don't serve gourmet meals, have no air-conditioning, no manicured lawns. Vanghat abounds in native trees and elephant grasses. On winter evenings we keep ourselves warm with a fire from a metal stove always ensuring that we don't burn too much wood, a little later hot coals from the same pit pleasantly warm up our supper area. In our beds 2 hot water bottles with handmade woolen covers bring tears of joy and recollections of childhood to people who have never imagined a room without heating. For bathing, hot water comes in a bucket when you need it. For us there is no bigger god than water.

During the summer months of May and June, the cool, blue water of the Ramganga River substitutes any infinity pool. All our dwellings have fans electric lights, conducive to allow you to catch up with your reading. Just outside on the pathway candles and solar lanterns are extinguished once guests have turned in, and then Vanghat returns to the ones it truly belongs to, the wildlife. We live and promote the philosophy of 'smart minimalism'.

We coexist with nature and our immediate vicinity is host to wild elephants, tigers, leopards, scorpions, spiders, and even the King Cobra. The safety of our guests and our wildlife is most important to us. At night an electric fence protects you both from each other!"

Please note that we are an absolute 'No',if you are seeking conventional hospitality.

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