Experiencing the Darkness of the Forest

When was the last time you experienced the Milky Way? Or a starry night in a forest? There exists an entirely different world--one that can only be seen in the dark!

To rediscover our ability to experience the darkness, Vanghat provides an opportunity to explore hidden treasure without any light pollution. Because many animals (like porcupines, civets, owls, nightjars, and many other creatures) forage at night, we avoid using lights and their deadly effects on the wildlife.

Here, we emphasize more “sensing” rather than just “seeing” nature.

Listening to Nature’s Music

Away from the traffic noise or any electronic sounds, you will only hear nature’s pleasant music at Vanghat. Playing electronic music is prohibited. Instead, you will attend the most beautiful music concerts in the deep forest. Waking up to the soothing songs of the Blue Whistling Thrush, meditating with chirping-chants of the Blue-winged Siva, practicing laughter yoga with the White-crested Laughingthrush, dancing along with pleasant flights of the Paradise Flycatcher throughout the day, and falling asleep to the sounds of Ramganga... You will never feel the need for any artificial music.

Mobile and Wi-Fi Free Zone

Turning off your mobile will keep you mobile in the real sense of the word! Here at Vanghat we encourage you to disconnect from your mobile and Wi-Fi and to connect with the real world. Our semul trees are our largest towers and the flower and fruit trees are wonderful receptors of bees, butterflies, and birds, all of which keep us well-informed about what’s happening in the eco-system.

Vanghat is the perfect place for a digital detox, where you won’t get Wi-Fi, but surely experience a wildlife-fiesta!

Conscious Consumption

We focus on “conserving” rather than “consuming”. Everything at Vanghat is used consciously. We avoid using plastic bags, aluminium foil, and other hazardous materials, and use only minimal electric lights (only inside the rooms). The mud cottages have natural air conditioning. Food is sourced from the surroundings.

Using Natural Spring Water

To avoid bottled water, mineral-rich natural spring water (filtered and completely safe) is used for drinking. Ramganga River has crystal-clear blue water pools right next to the camp, which are the best swimming pools ever! No detergent or any chemicals are used in the river.

Wander Without Wheels

Our feet are designed to explore various surfaces: sand, mud, rocks, grass, and even trees. Apart from long walks that require proper shoes, we encourage people to walk barefoot in safe areas. Pebble paths leading to the silvery sand banks of the river are perfect for acupressure! Muddy cool-pools are good to absorb body heat. Using your feet instead of wheels is the best way to slow down your journey to align with nature’s rhythm.

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